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EL6813/BE6203/G16.4426 ---- Medical Imaging

Fall 2017

Course Webpage: http://eeweb.poly.edu/~yao/EL6813



Course Description: This course introduces the physics, instrumentation, and signal processing methods used in X-ray (projection radiography), X-ray computed tomography, nuclear medicine (SPECT/PET), optical imaging, ultrasound imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging. Co-listed as EL6813 and BE6203. 3 credits. (note: EL6813 was formally listed as EL5823)


Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Undergraduate level courses in multivariable calculus (MA 2112, MA 2122), physics (PH 2033), probability (MA 3012), signals and systems (EE 3054). Students who do not have prior courses in signals and systems must take EL6113/BE6403 SIGNALS, SYSTEMS AND TRANSFORMS as a prerequisite; EL5123/BE6223 IMAGE PROCESSING is also recommended but not required.

Course Director:

       Prof. Yao Wang (NYU-Tandon), MTC2 9.122, (718)-260-3469, yaowang at nyu.edu, http://eeweb.poly.edu/~yao


       Dr. Jonathan Mamou (NYU-Tandon), MTC2 9.122, jonathan.mamou at nyu.edu,

       Prof. Daniel Turnbull (NYU School of Medicine), 212-263-7262, daniel.turnbull at nyumc.org, http://www.med.nyu.edu/biosketch/turnbd01/

       Prof. Steven Baete (NYU School of Medicine), 212-263-4861, steven.baete at nyumc.org, https://med.nyu.edu/faculty/steven-h-baete

       Prof. Yu-Shin Ding (NYU School of Medicine), 212-263-6605, Yu-Shin.Ding at nyumc.org http://chemistry.fas.nyu.edu/object/yu-shinding.html

Teaching Assistant:


       Amirhossein Khalilian-Gourtani (NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Graduate Student), akg404 at nyu.edu


Course Schedule: Fri. 10 AM - 12:30 PM (Weeks 1 to 7 and Final Exam)

Fri. 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Weeks 8 to 14)


Lecture Location:

Tandon (Weeks 1 to 7 and Final Exam): 2 Metro Tech Center, Rm 9.007, Brooklyn Campus (NYU Tandon)


SOM CBI (Weeks 8 to 14): Center for Biomedical Imaging, 660 First Avenue (corner with 38th Street), New York, NY 10016. Please go to Third Floor large conf. room.


Office Hour: Jonathan Mamou: Fridays 1-3 PM (2 Metro Tech Center, Rm 10.032) or appointment by email. For other instructors: appointment through email.


Text Book: J. L. Prince and J. M. Links, Medical imaging: signals and systems, 2/E, Prentice Hall, 2015. ISBN-10: 0132145189. Link to book site; Errata for the second edition, Version 2.06 September, 2015 (pdf)


Recommended Book (Contain more clinical information): B. Smith and A. Webb, Introduction to Medical Imaging: Physics, Engineering, and Clinical Applications, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9780521190657. E-book available. Link to ebook site.

Homework policy: Homework will be assigned weekly and collected a week later. Homework solution will be provided the following week. Select homework problem will be graded and count towards the final grade. Exams will be primarily based on homework problems. There will also be several MATLAB assignments, and these will be collected and counted towards the final grade.

Grading Policy:  Exam 1: 40%, Exam 2: 40%, Homework Assignments: 10%, Programming Assignments: 10%.

Tentative Course Schedule

(Lecture notes below are inherited from previous offerings. Some may be updated before the actual lecture)

       Week 1 (9/8) (Tandon): Jonathan Mamou, Overview of various medical imaging modalities (Chap 1); Review of signals and systems basic concepts (chap 2); Image quality metrics (Chap 3); Lecture Note (updated 9/6/2017)

       Week 2 (9/15 (Tandon): Jonathan Mamou, Physics of radiography (Chap 4); Lecture note (updated 9/21/2017).

       Week 3 (9/22) (Tandon): Jonathan Mamou, Projection radiography (conventional X-ray) (Chap 5); Lecture note (updated 9/21/2017)

       Week 4 (9/29) (Tandon): Jonathan Mamou, X-ray computed tomography (CT): Instrumentation; Image reconstruction (Radon transform, back projection, filtered back-projection); Image quality (Chap 6) Part I Lecture note (updated 10/13/2016)

       Week 5 (10/6) (Tandon): continue the previous topic, Part II Lecture note (updated 10/13/2016)

       Week 6 (10/13) (Tandon), Jonathan Mamou, Nuclear medicine: physics (chap7), SPECT and PET (Chap 9); Lecture note (updated 10/13/2016)

       Week 7 (10/20): Midterm Exam, to be held at NYU Tandon

       Week 8 (10/27) (SOM CBI): Yu-Shin Ding, PET: Tracer development, drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, preclinical and translational research, clinical applications. Recommended readings: paper1, paper2, paper3. (Please visit nyuclasses for the lecture note).

       Week 9 (11/3) (SOM CBI): Daniel Turnbull, Physics of ultrasound (Chap 10): Wave equation, Acoustic waves, Wave propagation, Beam pattern formation and focusing. Lecture note. (updated 11/3/2016)

       Week 10 (11/10) (SOM CBI): Daniel Turnbull, Ultrasound imaging (chap 11): Instrumentation (transducers, probes, etc.), Pulse-echo equation, Ultrasound imaging principles. Lecture note. (updated 11/5/2016)

       Week 11 (11/17) (SOM CBI) Riccardo Lattanzi, Physics of magnetic resonance (chap 12): Magnetization, Precession and Larmor frequency, RF excitation, Relaxation. Lecture note. (updated 12/4/2015) Files containing video shown in class. (caution: 35MB) Lecture note by Yao Wang (uploaded 3/25/2013)

       Week 12 (12/1) (SOM CBI): Riccardo Lattanzi, Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Instrumentation, Data acquisition, Image reconstruction, Image quality. Lecture note (updated 12/4/2015) video of RF excitation animation. Lecture notes by Yao Wang: part 1, part 2 (uploaded 3/25/2013). MATLAB homework (updated 12/1/2016. Due: TBA). data for MATLAB assignment (updated 12/1/2016)

       Week 13 (12/8) (SOM CBI): Riccardo Lattanzi, Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Diffusion MRI, Functional MRI. Lecture note. (updated 2/28/2013). A review article on Diffusion weighted imaging for MRI (recommended reading, uploaded 2/28/13). Lecture note on fMRI by Yao Wang (uploaded 3/25/2013)

       Week 14 (12/15) (SOM CBI): Tour of the NYU Center for Biomedical Imaging: Tour of the RF Lab and explanation of RF coils components, Tour of the MRI facilities (including a 7T whole body scanner), Practical session at the MRI console.

       Week 15 (12/22) Final Exam, to be held at NYU Tandon


Sample exams


       Sample midterm exam (F06), Sample midterm exam (F08), solution to F08 midterm, Sample final exam, Final exam F08, Solution to F08 final exam, Final Exam F09, solution to F09 final exam. F11 Midterm exam, solution, S12 midterm exam, solution, S12 final exam problem and solution. S13 midterm problem, solution. S13 final problem, solution, S14 Spring midterm exam, solution. F14 midterm with solution. F14 Final exam. Solution. F15 Midterm, solution F15 Final Exam with Solution. F16 Midterm, Solution. F16 Final Exam with Solution.

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