Wavelet-Based Video Denoising

Ivan Selesnick and Ke Yong Li


The denoising of video data should take into account both temporal and spatial dimensions, however, true 3D transforms are rarely used for video denoising. Separable 3-D transforms have artifacts that degrade their performance in applications. This paper describes the design and application of the non-separable oriented 3-D dual-tree wavelet transform for video denoising. This transform gives a motion-based multi-scale decomposition for video - it isolates in its subbands motion along different directions. In addition, we investigate the denoising of video using the 2-D and 3-D dual-tree oriented wavelet transforms, where the 2-D transform is applied to each frame individually.

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Video denoising using 2D and 3D dual-tree complex wavelet transforms. In Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing X (Proc. SPIE 5207), San Diego, Augest 4-8, 2003.