Sparsity / Total variation / Denoising

Software for sparse signal processing tutorial
Wavelet/total-variation (WATV) denoising
TV denoising using generalized Moreau envelopes
Overlapping group sparse (OGS) denoising
Overlapping group sparse (OGS) denoising
Sparsity-assisted signal smoothing
Low-pass filtering + total variation denoising
Transient artifact reduction algorithm (TARA)
Baseline estimation and denoising using sparsity (BEADS)
Polynomial smoothing of time series with step discontinuities
Total variation denoising with overlapping groups sparsity
TV denoising via separable non-convex penalty (newer:GME-TV)
TV denoising via the Moreau envelope (newer:GME-TV)
Generalized TV denoising (Tying the knots)


Dual-tree real and complex wavelet transforms
Simple MATLAB programs for wavelet transforms
Tunable Q-factor wavelet transform
Complex (Hilbert-pairs of) wavelet transforms
Wavelet frame (two-times over-sampled)
Higher-density discrete wavelet transform
Double-density wavelet transform
Double-density complex wavelet transforms

Digital filters

Low-pass digital differentiating filters
Narrow-band low-pass digital differentiating filters