Tandon School of Engineering of New York University

Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering
EL-GY 6123 ---- Image and Video Processing, Spring 2017

Project Guidelines


This course requires a project to be performed by two to three students in a group. A project includes the following phases: choosing a project topic, writing a project plan, conducting the project, presenting the project in class, and writing a final project report. Each team will be guided by a senior graduate student assigned by me. I will also have a midterm feedback session with each team.

Project Content:

A project usually consists of reading papers in the chosen area, comparing performances of different approaches, and perhaps proposing your own algorithms/improvements, and implementing one or two of them.

You are welcome to discuss with me about the possible topics before the project plan is due.

Project plan (2-4 pages, single column):

The project plan should include the following:

1.    Project title and team members

2.    An abstract: in one paragraph or two, describe briefly the project scope and what you hope to accomplish.

3.    Project schedule: It should include a list of subtasks that you plan to accomplish. For each subtask, describe how do you plan to approach it, who in your team is primarily responsible for it and the deadline for completing it. You should allocate time for literature search, preparing the final report, and final presentation, in addition to the reading/simulation work you plan to do.

4.    List of references: this includes papers and documents and possibly web links that you have found that are relevant to your project topic. Please include complete citation of each item: author, title of the article, journal or book name, and if appropriate the URL where you get the information. Please follow the IEEE paper reference styles.

A note about literature study:

A good way to search scholarly papers is via “scholar.google.com”. If you identified a paper on the web but cannot find the full paper, you can try to use NYU library databases to obtain pdf copies of the paper. NYU library has online IEEE and ACM databases that include all papers published by IEEE and ACM.


Final project report (4-6 pages, double column style of IEEE papers):

The final report should include the following items.

1.    Project title and team members

2.    An abstract

3.    Overview of the project (describe the subtasks and who is responsible for which subtask if you have multiple members on the team.)

4.    Project accomplishment: This can be divided into multiple sections, each section describing one subtask that you have worked on. For each subtask, describe what you have done and learnt. If your project includes a comparison of different systems/techniques, you may have separate sections describing each system/technique and another section comparing these systems/techniques and summarizes the pros and cons of each. You may have another section describing your proposed solution.

5.    Summary: This section should briefly summarize your findings. It should also include a discussion of future works that you think should be studied.

6.    List of references: update from your project plan as appropriate. The reference citation must be complete including all information (authors, title of journals/conferences, year, and URL if it is an online document). Please follow IEEE style.

7.    Appendix: This part should include a list of any supplementary items submitted electronically (e.g. source code and executable, images, videos).

8.    Depository of your project outcome: We will provide links for you to upload reports and codes.


Final project presentation (a 10-15 minutes oral presentation, with demonstration of computer implementations. Time allocation depends on the number of projects to be presented and the number of team members).

You should prepare a presentation file using a computer software (e.g. powerpoint).

1.    You will be giving the presentation using your laptop and a video projector. (If you don’t have a laptop, please send the presentation file to the instructor in advance in email)

2.    If you want to include any demonstration in your presentation, please make sure it can be presented directly from your computer.

3.    The suggested outline for your presentation:

a.    Project title and team members

b.    Overview of your project: the overall goal and subtasks, and who is responsible for what.

c.     Describe each subtask: what you did and what you learnt/designed.

d.    Demos if appropriate

e.    Summary

If you have more than one person on the project team, please prepare the presentation in such a way so that each person on your team can present different parts of it. A two-person team is typically given 15 minutes, and a 3-person team 20 minutes.

Document Submission:

Please submit both paper copies and electronic versions (in pdf) of project plan and final report. On the day of presentation, please bring a paper copy of your slide presentation file for me. Please submit the electronic version of the slide file as well as all supplementary documents together with the final report, as directed. Please note that we will post all project plan and final report and slide presentation and your code on course webpage. Do your best work to show off!

Note on Plagiarism and Proper Acknowledgement:

Please note that you should not copy sentences/paragraphs or software codes from other documents! You should give full credit to any source (e.g. a graph or a paper) that your work references. Please read the paragraph about plagiarism and proper acknowledgement of references in NYU Student Code of Conduct carefully. All electronic submissions will be done through turnitin service on NYU Classes interface, to check for plagiarism. You will get a grade of zero for any work submitted that is found to violate this rule.

Suggested Project Topics (To be updated)

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